Subscription queries

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How to subscribe

To subscribe, please click on the 'pricing' tab in the links at the top of the page.


What level of support do you give?


Although we do not have a dedicated help desk, we will be happy to provide information to help with issues relating to passwords and access. We will also do our best to answer general queries relating directly to the derivation of the SSVs and WSVs, with responses to common technical queries listed upon the Support pages. We will endeavour to answer access and password issues as soon as possible and in no longer than 5 working days, with a response to technical queries within 10 working days. 


As part of your subscription we cannot assist with any re-modelling or modelling you may be undertaking, or any queries specific to your site. If you need such advice, please use the Contact Form for further information on our peer review, training and consultancy services. 


If I was to subscribe how long would I need to wait until I have access to the values?


If you wish to subscribe, please register on the website. We shall then send you an information letter and terms and conditions (if you need access ASAP your letter can be faxed or emailed). As soon as we receive your signed terms and conditions and a purchase order (by email, fax or post), or cheque (by post), we will be able to allocate you to the website.


How much does a subscription cost?


Local Authority:

Subscription is free for those with a email address. Simply register to receive more details.

Commercial subscription

Subscription costs £190 + VAT at the current rate. For instance on 1st April 2011, the cost to subscribe is £228 including VAT at 20%.

Where multiple office locations require access (for instance within large consultancies), this is available through the purchase of additional subscriptions, with prices supplied on request and based on individual circumstances.


I have registered but cannot access the SSV Data. What should I do?


You will not be able to access the data until you have received an authorisation e-mail. Please wait for your e-mail, or contact a member of the team using the 'Contact' link at the top of this page.